🧊 IOLITE - Voxel Game Engine#

IOLITE is a real-time voxel game engine powered by path tracing. Create the game of your dreams in highly detailed and dynamic worlds using the embedded editor and C/C++ or Lua.


Feature Overview#

  • Highly specialized for dealing with large, highly detailed, and dynamic voxel worlds, made possible by modern desktop-level CPUs and GPUs

  • Features fully dynamic real-time global illumination using a mixture of path tracing and screen space techniques; no ray tracing capable GPU required

  • Implement your game using C/C++ or Lua; you can even create a custom scripting backend for the language of your choice

  • Comes with a fully-featured editor for creating game worlds. Use our open-source plugins to extend the functionality, like, e.g., authoring voxel assets directly in the editor

  • Extend the engine and editor functionality using the plugin system in conjunction with the native C/C++ API

  • Highly flexible and thus not exclusively tied to creating games. Use IOLITE as a complete game creation package, solely as a renderer, for creating a procedural voxel editor, and more. The possibilities are endless

  • Features subsystems for sound, particles, destruction, post-processing, and more right out of the box

Download IOLITE#


You can download the latest version of IOLITE via the landing page of our website.